What's involved?

Enrollment process

For Cellab each family is unique. Preserving umbilical cord stem cells is an important undertaking and the process must be carried out reliably and safely throughout.

For this reason, we offer a 100% personalized treatment with a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support service for families. We are always by your side.


  • Schedule a personalized visit to the lab, video call, or home and learn everything you need to know about stem cell preservation
    a la conservació
  • Complete the registration documents and agreement (contract)
  • Once the forms are recieved we send the Cellab collection kit directly to your given address


  • Remember to take the Cellabkit with you to hospital and give it to the gynecologist and midwife
  • Inform Cellab of the mother’s admission to the hospital
  • Cellab coordinates directly with the hospital for collection of the CellabKit containing the cells


  • We will transport the CellabKit with the samples to the laboratory and process the blood and tissue as quickly as possible
  • Several tests will be conducted to verify that the cord is in perfect condition to be preserved
  • Once all the cell viability results and optimal conditions have been confirmed, you will receive the final preservation certificate
  • Finally, the fees for the service will be charged

Personalized visits to the Laboratory

Every family is unique and at Cellab we give that the importance it deserves. Which is why we offer an obligation free, personalized visit to our laboratory so families can really get to know and see how we work.

Our laboratory is located in Sant Julià de Lòria and consists of:

  • 1,300 m2 of pharmaceutical plant
  • 2 clean rooms
  • 4 cell processing booths
  • 1 cryogenics room
  • 1 freezer room
  • 1 quality control laboratory


On the day of delivery your gynecologist will collect the umbilical cord stem cells and place them into the collection kit (CellabKit). Adhering to stingent safety protocols, we then transport the temperature controlled samples to our laboratory ensuring the optimal timeframe and conditions are met prior to processing.

The CellabKit is therefore a vital element of the entire service. Our CellabKit contains all the necessary materials for your medical team to perform the extraction and consists of:

  • Umbilical cord blood collection bag
  • Sterile umbilical cord tissue collection container
  • Maternal blood sample kit
  • Bio security bag
  • Insulating box to ensure the sample temperature
  • CellabKit documentation

Refrigerated transport

Transportation from the Hospital to the laboratory is carried out under refrigerated conditions to prevent any temperature fluctuations that might damage the sample.

What’s included in the banking service?

Thanks to the cryopreservation state we achieve with liquid nitrogen storage of the umbilical cord stem cells can be indefinite. Cellab offers interested families a 30 year storage term.

Single price: 2.485€

-30 years of conservation
-Family health service included: 1st visit to Celular Clinic Andorra for father or mother.
-Special economic conditions in all our treatments.

(price IGI not included)

Price: 1.035€ + 60€*

1st year of free preservation.
– Preservation and 6 cryo-tubes of tissue cells
– Annual renewal: you choose how long you want to keep them.
*fee from the 2nd year of storage.

(prices IGI not included)

Family Health Service

All families who contract the stem cell conservation service of blood and umbilical cord tissue have at their disposal Celular Clinic, Cellab’s regenerative medicine clinic.

As a Cellab family you have the family health service at Celular Clinic Andorra which includes a free diagnostic visit (valued at 80€) for the father or mother, as well as special conditions in all our treatments.

What do we offer at Celular Clinic?

In Celular Clinic we treat trauma injuries that affect the quality of life of people, betting on personalized biological treatments, with the aim of finding effective solutions as minimally invasive as possible. We achieve all this thanks to a medical team specialized in joint injuries and a scientific team that produces treatments of the highest quality.

What does the family health service consist of?

During the first year of your baby’s life, you have a free diagnostic visit (valued at 80€) at Celular Clinic Andorra for father or mother. In case of joint injury treatable with any of our treatments, you will have special discounts.