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Cellbank Adult Stem Cells

Our cells age with us, but the fact that we can preserve them and stop their biological age advancing further, allows us access to our younger cells, in case we ever need them for treatment or therapy.

Cellab can cryopreserve and bank adult stem cells extracted from your adipose tissue. We freeze the stem cells with liquid nitrogen at -180ºC, which stops aging and maintains them in perfect condition.

Mesenchymal cells from adipose (fat) tissue

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are a type of cell with the ability to differentiate into multiple specialized cell types. They have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue responding as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The adipose tissue or fat we have in the body is one of the richest sources of mesenchymal cells. The patients’ fat tissue is easily and quickly obtained via liposuction which is performed where the most biological material is found.

The cell extraction is performed by a plastic surgeon using a minimally invasive manual technique in order to obtain the cells without damaging them.

Cells preserved to the highest quality

Cellab is one of the first adult stem cell banks in Southern Europe to be accredited by the prestigious American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Cellab is also authorized by Andorran Government Ministry of Health.

células madre adultas

1,300m2 of pharmaceutical plant

2 clean rooms

1 cryogenics room

1 freezer room

1 quality control laboratory

1 AABB accredited laboratory

How does it work?

  • Pre-surgical visit - Plastic surgeon

    Prior to the procedure the patient will have an appointment with the plastic surgeon to review all the information and sign the paperwork (informed consent and contract for the preservation of the cells).  The visit includes a preoperative analysis and an electrocardiogram.

  • Preoperative visit - Anaesthesiologist

    The patient also attends a pre-operative consult with the anaesthesiologist during which the patient’s state of health and the results from the preoperative analysis are assessed.

  • Ambulatory extraction

    The patient undergoes liposuction of adipose tissue in an operating theatre. The plastic surgeon extracts a minimum of 300ml of fat which is subsequently cryopreserved. The extraction can be performed with sedation or local anaesthesia and lasts a maximum of about 60-90 minutes.

  • Sample transport

    Once collected, the cells are temperature monitored and transported at a refrigerated temperature to the Cellab laboratory where they are processed.

  • Cell analysis

    Our laboratory receives and analyses the adipose tissue samples to certify they meet the requirements for processing.

  • Cell processing

    The extracted adipose tissue is processed by Cellab technicians to release any mesenchymal cells that fall below the highest quality standards.

  • Quality control

    All the samples we store pass thorough quality control before proceeding to final preservation.

  • Quality Report

    Once the quality of the sample has been checked and the analytical results have all been received and verified, Cellab issues a detailed report that the patient must keep safely.

  • Annual storage renewal

    Annually, Cellab will issue a renewal of the cell conservation contract. If the patient chooses to cancel preservation at the time of renewal, the preserved cryo material will be destroyed without charge.

  • Therapeutic application

    If one day in the future the patient wants to utilise their cells, they can do so at Celular Clinic Andorra.

Benefits of cell cryopreservation

There are numerous benefits to preserving our cellular material.

  • The younger your cells are, the greater their regenerative potential
  • By preserving cells, we stop cellular aging and retain biological age
  • At Cellab we guarantee the preservation of patients’ cells for as many years as they want
  • Patient cells are preserved in the Principality of Andorra in a bank accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)
  • Cellab provides patients with the opportunity to utilise the cells through the treatments offered at Celular Clinic Andorra.


Conserved cells

What are mesenchymal cells?

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are a type of cell with the ability to differentiate into many other specialized cell types. They have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue providing an anti-inflammatory response.

Where do mesenchymal cells come from?

From the patient’s adipose (fat) tissue. The adipose (fat) tissue is usually removed from the abdomen, although it may also be removed from the hips or other areas of the body where fat is stored.

Do they have many therapeutic uses?

Cellab currrently provides therapies at Celular Clinic Andorra using mesenchymal cells for the treatment of traumatological pathologies. Mesenchymal cells are also being used in many different pathologies in clinical trials across various fields of medicine.

The enrolment process

What is required to register for the service?

Arrange a visit with our plastic surgeon to assess your candidacy for liposuction and perform an analysis with complete serology. With the analytical results the anaesthesiologist will confirm that there are no personalised risks.

What might cause a patient to be excluded?

A patient may be excluded if the analysis carried out during the screening process indicates a medical contraindication, a positive test result or due to lack of fat.

What documentation must be signed?

The informed consent document and your Cellab contract must be signed in order to contract the service.

The cost and financing of the service

How much does it cost to preserve adult stem cells?

The cost is calculated based the individual patient, taking into account the amount of fat to be extracted and the amount of fat to be retained.

Do you finance the cost of the service?

Yes. We have the financing options with the main financial institutions of Andorra. Patients can finance all or part of the cost of the service.

The day of the procedure

What to do on extraction day?

Please don’t eat or drink anything. It’s necessary to fast for six hours prior to the procedure and plan to have someone with you, as you must be accompanied after the procedure.

Is it possible to drive after the extraction?

No. Due to the effect of sedation, it is prohibited to drive for 24 hours after the operation.

When can drinks and food be re-ingested?

After liposuction, the patient will be under observation in the post-operative recovery unit for 30 minutes. Initially the patient will drink fluids and later will be able to drink and eat normally.

What precautions should be taken post-intervention?

The compression band must be worn and not removed for 48 hours. It’s important to adhere to the recommendations of the plastic surgeons and for the stitches to be removed after a week.

How long does the extraction take?

Liposuction time varies depending on the amount of adipose tissue extracted, but never exceeds 60-90 minutes.

Can the extraction be used to remove more fat?

Yes. This will have an impact on the final price due to the additional hours required for the operating theatre, anaesthetist, and plastic surgeon.

The process of cryopreservation

How do you preserve cells?

Preserving the viability of cells is of the upmost importance, once processed and conditioned, the cells are preserved with liquid nitrogen. By preserving the cells below -180ºC, cell aging is stopped.

How long can the cryropreserved cells be stored for?

Storage time is determined by the patient and renewed annually.  Scientific studies indicate that the integrity of your cell sample may be preserved indefinitely.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation to learn more about conserving your adult stem cells.